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Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care

Flagship course | $1,998

One in every nine patients who go into hospital in Australia suffers a complication – about 900,000 patients each year. If they stay overnight, the figure rises to one in four – about 725,000 patients each year.

Clinical Governance is a system by which all staff (clinical and non-clinical) in the healthcare industry share responsibility and accountability for patient safety and quality care. This is the foundation for the Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care course at AICG. This affordable education program will ensure that staff in health service organisations meet key criterion and actions of Standard 1 – Clinical Governance (NSQHS Standards 2018).

All hospitals must strive to lift their safety performance to the level of the best 10 per cent of Australian hospitals. This would mean an extra 250,000 patients leaving hospital each year free of complications.

Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care

Flagship course | Workshops & Online | $1,998 (Inc. GST)

About the Certificate

The Certificate course is tailored to empower organisations and their staff to provide better, safer patient care. It is a blended learning opportunity consisting of comprehensive online courses (approximately 21 hours of interactive learning) that are completed prior to each workshop. Our three interprofessional workshops (six contact hours per workshop) allow you to collaborate with all health professionals in the application of knowledge and skills through scenario-based case studies. The workshops complement the content in the online courses and map onto components of clinical governance frameworks, adopted by your health organisation and/or your professional association. They also map onto the AICG clinical governance framework.

All AICG programs have been written to reflect the elements of the AICG Clinical Governance Framework by expert contractors, reviewed by the Course Advisory Committee and approved for continuing professional development points/hours by the accrediting bodies; RACS, RACGP, ACCRM and ACN.

Certificate structure

The three workshops and associated online courses (pre-reading) that make up the entire Certificate course are the:

Certificate course structure

The Certificate course has been designed to be flexible. Participants must complete all workshops and online courses (pre-reading) to obtain the Certificate, however, participants can purchase all components in one go, or opt to complete individual components of the course within a 12 month period. If you purchase a workshop, the online course is automatically included. If you have already completed an online course (through HEAL or AICG) and wish to attend the associated workshop, a 10% reduction on the price of the workshop will apply.

continuing professional development

Each workshop and online courses are accredited for CPD points with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and the Australian College of Nursing. Completion of the Certificate program provides participants with significant CPD hours/points.

Workshop Accreditation (includes CPD Hours/Points for the online course (pre-reading)) AICG CPD Hours RACS CPD Hours RACGP CPD Points ACRRM PDP Points ACN CPD Hours
Applied Clinical Governance 12 6* 40 30 12
Building Culture & Collaboration 12 6* 40 30 12
Advanced Leadership 15 9* 40 30 15
Total Hours/Points 39 21 120 60 39

*Points are for the online courses only. Workshop accreditation is pending.

Certificate in clinical governance for patient safety and quality care

The Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care will be awarded once it has been verified that you have successfully completed all components of the Certificate course. 


$1,998 (inc.GST)

what our students say

The opportunity to learn closely with other colleagues around Victoria was a wonderful component to the program. The personal interaction with the presenters was amazing. The Certificate course opened my eyes to a new manner of appreciating aspects of clinical governance that I did not understand and gave me the confidence to want to learn more. The program provided an atmosphere of trust and co-operation whilst still challenging each individual personally, professionally and ethically. I would highly recommend any aspiring or current manager to attend this Certificate course as they will gain a better understanding of the challenges ahead and the manner in which to deal with them.

Nurse Unit Manager, Operating Theatre.

Certificate course dates

Access to the online courses (pre-reading) will be available two weeks prior to the workshops. The Certificate Course workshops dates are as follows:

June course
  • 11 October 2019 - Applied Clinical Governance workshop
  • 14 October 2019 - Building Culture and Collaboration workshop
  • 15 November 2019 - Advanced Leadership workshop

Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care

Flagship course | Workshops & Online | $1,998 (Inc. GST)
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