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Certificate in Clinical Governance

Flagship Course | $2,430

One in every nine patients who go into hospital in Australia suffers a complication – about 900,000 patients each year. If they stay overnight, the figure rises to one in four – about 725,000 patients each year.

Clinical Governance. Care Governance. Support Governance. However you refer to it, Clinical Governance is a concept by which all staff (clinical and non-clinical) share responsibility and accountability for safe and quality care, not just within the acute care setting, but across all sectors of healthcare delivery, including primary care, aged care, disability and mental health. This is the foundation for the Certificate in Clinical Governance at AICG. This affordable education program will ensure that staff involved in the provision of care have an applied understanding of clinical governance standards and are armed with the tools to apply their knowledge in day-to-day care.

All hospitals must strive to lift their safety performance to the level of the best 10 percent of Australian hospitals. This would mean an extra 250,000 patients leaving hospital each year free of complications.

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Facilitated workshops | Flagship Course | $2,430 (inc. GST)

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About the Certificate

The Certificate course is tailored to create a strong foundation in clinical governance for organisations and their staff to provide better, safer patient care. It has been built with the aspiring leader in mind to empower them to create a culture of continuous improvement and reduce the occurrence of complications. Within each workshop is a mix of health and care professionals across a variety of sectors, providing participants with a truly interprofessional experience and a greater cross-fertilisation of ideas among safety and quality champions. 

Your Certificate course purchase also includes 12 months of complimentary AICG membership, allowing you to be supported beyond the course through access to exclusive content and events for your continuing professional development. You can read more about this complimentary offering below and explore the full AICG membership here. 

Group training for your organisation

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Certificate structure

It is a blended learning opportunity consisting of comprehensive online courses (approximately 21 hours of interactive learning) that are completed prior to each workshop. Our three interprofessional workshops (eight hours per workshop) allow you to collaborate with health and care professionals across various roles and sectors in the application of knowledge and skills through scenario-based case studies. The workshops complement the content in the online courses which map onto components of clinical governance frameworks adopted by your organisation and/or your professional association. The course content also maps onto the AICG clinical governance framework, providing 42 CPD hours in total.

The three workshops and associated online courses (pre-reading) that make up the entire Certificate course are the:

Certificate course structure

All AICG programs have been written by experts to reflect the elements of the AICG Clinical Governance Framework, reviewed by the Course Advisory Committee and approved for continuing professional development points/hours by the accrediting bodies; RACGP, ACCRM and ACN.

The Certificate course has been designed to be flexible. Whilst participants are able to select their preferred workshop dates, we do recommend that the Applied Clinical Governance workshop be completed first, followed by Building Culture and Collaboration and then Advancing Leadership for Clinical Governance. This is a recommendation but is not essential if this does not work for you.

Participants must complete all workshops and online courses (pre-reading) to obtain the Certificate, however, participants can purchase all components in one go, or opt to purchase and complete the individual workshops within a 12-month period. If you purchase a workshop, the online course is automatically included and must be completed prior to the workshop date. This pre-reading will be available four weeks before the workshop commences and will remain open for six months after the workshop date. If you have already completed an online course (through HEAL or AICG) and wish to attend the associated workshop, a 10% reduction on the price of the workshop will apply.

Who can do this workshop?

The Certificate in Clinical Governance is for frontline clinicians, middle managers and aspiring leaders working in health and care sectors. If you are an executive or a director looking to understand clinical governance at the board level, Applied Clinical Governance for Boards course might be what you're looking for.

continuing professional development

Each workshop and online courses are accredited for CPD points with:

  • Australian College of Nursing (ACN)
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) 

Completion of the Certificate program provides participants with significant CPD hours/points.

Workshop Accreditation (includes CPD Hours/Points for the online course (pre-reading)) AICG CPD Hours RACGP CPD Hours ACRRM CPD Hours ACN CPD Hours
Applied Clinical Governance 13 13 13 13
Building Culture & Collaboration 13 13 13 13
Advancing Leadership for Clinical Governance 16 16 16 16
Total Hours/Points 42 42 42 42

Receiving your certificate in clinical governance

The Certificate in Clinical Governance will be awarded once it has been verified that you have successfully completed all components of the Certificate course. 

Delivery formats

The workshops that make up the Certificate are conducted in two formats; face-to-face and online. Participants are able to choose which delivery format they prefer. 


Face-to-face workshops are held at the HEAL/AICG office in Melbourne CBD. Our office is located directly across from Southern Cross station, making commuting via public transport easy. All workshops include morning and afternoon tea and a lunch voucher to purchase your lunch at one of our local vendors.

Location: Level 16/120 Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Cost: $2,430 (inc. GST)


Digital workshops take place via Zoom Meetings. You will receive instructions upon purchasing a course. For more information about Zoom and the recommended system requirements, please click here

Cost: $2,430 (inc. GST)

post-nominal and membership

Participants who complete the Certificate in Clinical Governance will receive complimentary membership with AICG for a 12-month period. This 12-month membership commences on the date of your Certificate course purchase. If you have earned your Certificate by purchasing the workshops individually over time, your complimentary membership will be activated upon purchasing your third workshop and will have a commencement date of your first workshop date of purchase.

Graduates of the Certificate who complete all related assessments are eligible to use the 'Graduate' post-nominal AICGG as long as they have an active membership.

what our students say

“After significant research, I elected to complete the AICG Flagship Course, being the AICG Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety and Quality Care, and I was extremely impressed with the pre-reading content, the online workshops, the quality of the content presented and the highly experienced Educators. It was also a highlight to engage in dialogue with like-minded Leaders who share a passion for Clinical Governance and improving the safety and quality of care we deliver for our trusting population. I highly recommend this course for current and emerging health leaders, regardless of your current role, because the skills learnt are highly applicable for all areas of practice, and highly useful for negotiating life as we now know it."

Occupational Medical Practitioner & Medical Advisor

"The opportunity to learn closely with other colleagues around Victoria was a wonderful component to the program. The personal interaction with the presenters was amazing. The Certificate course opened my eyes to a new manner of appreciating aspects of clinical governance that I did not understand and gave me the confidence to want to learn more. The program provided an atmosphere of trust and co-operation whilst still challenging each individual personally, professionally and ethically. I would highly recommend any aspiring or current manager to attend this Certificate course as they will gain a better understanding of the challenges ahead and the manner in which to deal with them."

Nurse Unit Manager, Operating Theatre.

"What an eye-opening and inspiring course for everyone involved in healthcare. The online modules were presented in an interesting and easy-to-digest manner. The workshops were enjoyable and practical, and the facilitators were engaging and friendly. Highly recommended."

General Practitioner

"I highly recommend these workshops to anyone that is interested in making change in healthcare."

Medical Administrator

"I highly recommend the AICG Certificate in Clinical Governance for clinical staff, middle managers and senior leaders. The certificate covers the areas of applied clinical governance, building culture & collaboration, and leadership in healthcare. Providing opportunity for online delivery, the workshops achieve group collaboration and provide practical examples to demystify clinical governance. Health care workers strive to provide high-quality care and these online workshops supply the tools and knowledge to assist participants and organisations to consistently achieve best care. The workshops aim to inspire health care workers to achieve more than compliance, and reinforce the need for a creative approach to improvement that engages staff at all levels."

Director, Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

"I think anybody with responsibility working within a health setting should have this knowledge"



Facilitated workshops | Flagship Course | $2,430 (inc. GST)

Select workshops

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