AICG Membership

1 Year | $275 (Inc. GST)

Being an AICG member means being part of a community that is committed to improving safety and quality across health and care sectors.

Membership is open to clinicians, managers, directors and anyone working across health and care sectors such as acute care, primary care, aged care, disability, mental health and community care who is passionate about continuous improvement in safe, quality care.

AICG Membership

1 Year | $275 (Inc. GST)

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How to become a member

You can become an AICG member in two ways;

AICG Member

To become an AICG member, simply purchase a membership via the “Join Now” button above. Your membership will commence from your date of purchase and you will be able to proudly display your member post-nominals ‘AICGM’ until your membership expires in 12 months’ time.

AICG Graduate

Participants who purchase the Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety & Quality Care will automatically become members of the AICG. Once all assessments have been completed for the Certificate, you will be recognised as an AICG Graduate and be able to display the post-nominals ‘AICGG’ as long as you have an active membership. You will be invited to renew your membership at the member rate after 12 months and will be able to retain your Graduate status upon renewal. You will also have an opportunity to be featured by AICG to showcase your clinical governance improvement project.

You can read more about complimentary membership with the Certificate course here.

Membership Inclusions

You will receive a number of exclusive benefits by becoming a member of AICG.

Receive the following benefits from your membership:
Exclusive access to all AICG articles and blogs written by clinical governance experts
Access to a carefully curated list of research articles from Australasian and international journals
Proudly display your post-nominals to cement your position as a clinical governance leader
Join our private LinkedIn discussion group, AICG Safety & Quality Community, and discuss your real-time clinical governance issues with like-minded health professionals
Free access to AICG small format events
50% off our Annual AICG Patient Safety & Quality Care Symposium
The cost of your membership is discounted when you purchase the Certificate in Clinical Governance for Patient Safety & Quality Care*

Want to register a group of members? Contact us at

*Discount only applies to members who are completing the Certificate course for the first time.

AICG Membership

1 Year | $275 (Inc. GST)

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