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Four Clinical Governance Rabbit Holes To Avoid

Learning from Healthcare to Accelerate Aged Care Clinical Governance Effectiveness.

All human service sectors experience turning points. The 1990's was a decade of revelation about poor healthcare quality, identified and reported in major studies of adverse events and public inquiries across the world. The initial shockwaves evolved into a care safety revolution, supported by the introduction of clinical governance. A quarter of a century later, the outcomes of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commission are having a similar impact in aged care, with a stream of legislation and innovations challenging aged care providers to re-set their approach to creating and maintaining quality care. 

The Aged Care sector can short-cut development time and increase implementation effectiveness by learning from the healthcare sector's clinical governance path. This paper details four key clinical governance implementation 'rabbit holes', derived from the healthcare experience. Stepping over, rather than into, each of these rabbit holes will help aged care to reduce clinical governance evolution time and increase positive point of care impact.

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