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Mission & Vision

Clinical governance is everybody's responsibility.

Improvements in healthcare need not be limited to new expensive technology or process development at an organisation-wide level. Rather, the quality of care can be improved by focussing on developing clinical governance skills at an individual healthcare professional level.

The AICG believes that it is the individuals working in care organisations that hold the power to interrogate their systems and processes to reduce the occurrence of complications. By empowering these individuals through education, we can work towards improving consumer/patient safety and quality care and deliver better health outcomes for the community.


Safe and quality care through excellence in clinical governance


By empowering healthcare providers through clinical governance education, we improve safety and quality of patient and consumer care.

Certificate in Clinical Governance

The AICG Certificate course is suitable for all healthcare professionals and offers education on three key areas for improving safety and quality care; clinical governance, leadership and culture and collaboration.